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    • ESA:Indoor Training 4651 Colebrook Ave Emmaus, PA 18049

    • Jasper Park > Practice Field 4960 Vera Cruz Rd Emmaus, PA 18049

    • Lenape Park > Home & Practice Fields (SFL-FFE) 6102 Kings Hwy S Zionsville, PA 18092

      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
      UMYA 14U Travel Softball

      Registration is now open for 14U Travel Fall Softball.

      Games are double headers on Saturdays begining September.


        If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

        Welcome to UMYA's Softball Page

        Upper Milford Supports Recreational and Travel Softball

        Offering members, a selection of sports, clinics and fun for the family. Joining our team "FORCE Tournament Ball".

        Check back often for updates. Page Down for details.

        If you need further assistance please contact UMYASoftball@gmail.com

        Joining Forces! Tournament Ball

        FORCE Softball finds a new home at Upper Milford.

        The fastpitch softball tournament program "FORCE" aligns it's self with Upper Milford Youth Association.

        Spring 2020 starts the partnership with the 14U FORCE Team practicing at Jasper and/or Lenape Park. This relationship will bring benefits to both programs while increasing softball awareness to our community.

        Click here to check out their Facebook Page

        Recreational Softball

        UMYA Recreational Softball is open to Girls ages 5 to 13.

        2020 Fall Softball: Players must have sanitizer, glove, softball face mask, helmet and cleats. Practice starts in August and Games are Sept 7-Oct 17.

        Practices and home games are held at Lenape Park in Zionsville.

        Away games for all teams are at nearby locations approximately in the 30 minute travel radius.

        Practice schedules are set by the coach and field scheduler at the beginning of each season. Information will be sent to registrants as soon as schedules and rosters are set. Typically Pre-season: two practices a week as set by the coach. Games begin in early May and continue through Mid June.

        Registration includes a jersey and socks. Players are responsible for providing a softball pants, official softball glove and cleats. Bags, helmets, and water bottles are recommended. UMYA will provide helmets, bats and catcher's gear to the coach. Facemasks are HIGHLY recommended and may be required by the league.

        All teams are rostered as a first come, first rostered basis. Teams will be formed as long as volunteer coaches are available. Please consider volunteering to help!

        If there are insufficient numbers to field a team, registrants will be notified within one week of the close of registrations.

        Age Brackets:

        Pixie Jr.- Ages 5-6 Coach Pitch/ Pitching Tee, small teams & instructional environment

        Pixie- Ages 7-8 Coach Pitches 5 pitches per batter followed by Pitching Tee, focus on instruction & learning positions.

        Pony- Ages 9 & 10 Player Pitch with Coach relief after 4 walks, still instructional but with emphasis on true rules of play.

        A's- Ages 11-13- True Softball!- Not offered at UMYA for Spring 2020 but we can help you find a local neighboring team!

        Questions can be sent to UMYASoftball@gmail.com

        Travel Q&A

        Sport Overview

        The UMYA travel softball team provides an opportunity to Upper Milford Youth Association players to compete at a high level of youth softball competition. The program is founded upon providing the best softball instruction available while exposing the players to more responsibilities. It also provides parents and coaching staffs an opportunity to teach values to the players and many life-long lessons including teamwork, friendship, respect, practice, dedication, and sportsmanship.

        With Upper Milford's Softball Program continuing to grow, so does our travel program. Currently we are offering a 12U Travel Team with plans to expand into 14U in the future.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What ages are players eligible for UMYA Travel Softball?

        12U: 11 to 12 years of age. With some exceptions-10yr olds

        What is the age cut off?

        12U: Can not be 13 as of January 1st.

        Who should play Travel Softball?

        It's important to understand that Travel Softball is not for everyone, and that in many cases, a player and his or her family may be better served by our intramural program. To be successful in Travel Softball, children should show a high level of ability, and their families should recognize that a greater commitment, both in terms of attendance at practices and games as well as financially, is required.

        What are try-outs?

        All players are welcome to attend try-outs, but not all will be invited to join a team. This is the opportunity to show the coaches your skills, attitude and strengths in a number of drills/practices among their pears. Coaches will evaluate players and organize a team. Once invited to join, playing time is not guaranteed. Additionally, once on a team, players will still need to try-out each season to maintain their roster spot.

        What if we do not make the team?

        Your name will automatically be placed on the intramural team list. If you choose to play, you will be notified when the team is organized.

        How many players on a team?

        The roster is typically 12-13 players. This gives each player a chance to earn their playing time, without spending much time on the bench.

        When are the games held?

        Games are typically held during the week.

        How many games do the travel teams play?

        9-10 games a season, plus playoffs

        How long is the season?

        Practice starts in March and season ends in July.

        What type of League do you play in?

        The league is a Fastpitch Softball League following ASA and PIAA rules.

        How much does it cost to play travel softball?
        This will vary depending on fundraising and sponsorships; the historical cost has ranged from $100-150 per player for the season.

        If a travel player pulls out of the program mid-season will a refund be provided?
        Unfortunately, there are no refunds. The majority of the fees are for equipment, uniforms & league fees.

        How far do teams travel?
        Team locations vary. Pending on the schedule, we could travel as far as an hour away.

        How much playing time will a player get?
        In travel softball, playing time for each player will depend on a number of variables including but not limited to: attitude, ability, performance at practice and games, and hustle. Each player will play a minimum of two innings. The Head Coach and/or assistant coach(es) make final decisions.

        Can a travel softball player participate in other sports throughout the year?

        UMYA encourages well rounded players. Players in multiple sports should discuss this with the coaches at tryouts to find out any discrepancies. It is important to make all practices and games, but some exceptions can be made.

        We have an annual family vacation over the summer. Does this mean a player shouldn't try out?
        We ask that players are fully committed to the team while "in season". With that, exceptions can be made. Let the coach know in the offseason of vacation plans.

        Make room for the next generation!
        2019 Spring Season
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