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Summer Sports

Open registrations: 

Fall Recreational Soccer- Closes 7/22

Fall Baseball- Closes 7/22

Fall Softball- Closes 7/22

Please note, some teams will fill up quickly!  Once rosters are full, registration may close earlier than posted. 

Coming Soon: 

Fall/Winter Basketball

Weather Protocol

Our storm protocols is this: Hear it, Clear it. See it, Flee it.  This means if we hear thunder, we take a 10 minute delay from the last clap.  If there is lightning, we clear the park.  

COVID-19 Protocols

Safety is our primary concern ! 

UMYA strives to provide a safe environment for our players and families.

We are adhering to the guidelines set forth by the Commonwealth of PA, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association, USA Softball, Parkland Youth Baseball League and the Upper/Lower Macungie Knee-Hi League.


For the current protocols, please click on the EPYSA link to the right. 


Please remember that we are 100% volunteer run organization.  Our board, coaches and volunteers are doing everything in our power to safely return to PLAY.  If you have specific concerns not answered by the above organizations, please contact the UMYA sport coordinator.  

COVID-19 Guidelines

Upper Milford Youth Association Covid-19 Guidlines

posted 2/2/22

UMYA will be adhering to the protocols set forth by local, state and federal government.

If you or your child has tested positive for COVID-19 AND been in close contact with a UMYA team or player, immediately notify the team coach and email   

Exclusion from Play and Return to Play Requirements

Scenario Exclusion from activity Return to Play
#1 No Symptoms None Play safely! Have Fun!
#2 COVID-19 Symptoms present Yes

Individuals should be tested for COVID-19 -

➔ Individuals are excluded from play until the results of their test are known.

➔ If the test is negative, return to play when the individual is asymptomatic and fever free for 48 hours.

➔ If test is positive, follow return to play for scenario #3.

➔ If an individual is not tested and they are not a close contact of someone with COVID-19. Return to school when fever free (without fever reducing medication) and symptom free for 2 days.

#3 - Positive COVID-19 PCR test with symptoms Yes

➔ At least 5 days have passed since symptoms first appeared and

➔ At least 48 hours have passed since last fever without the use of fever-reducing medications and

➔ Symptoms ( i.e. cough, shortness of breath …) have significantly improved


#4 - Positive COVID-19 PCR test without symptoms Yes

➔ If symptoms develop during 5 days, follow return to play guidance for scenario #3.

#5 - Close contact of COVID-19 with symptoms Yes

Individuals should be tested for COVID-19 

➔ If the test result is negative, return to school 5 days after last exposure to the person with COVID and symptoms have resolved. ➔ If test result is positive, follow return to play guidance for scenario #3.

➔ If the patient is not tested, they are considered a probable case and should remain excluded from school until 5 days after symptoms appeared.

#6 - Close contact of COVID-19 without symptom Yes

 5 days after last exposure to the person with COVID-19 and the person remains asymptomatic

➔ If symptoms develop at A NYTIME during the quarantine period, follow return to school guidance for scenario #5.

** The Pennsylvania DOH defines a close contact as either being within 6 ft of a COVID-19 case for 15 or more minutes without a mask or having direct contact with infectious secretions of a COVID-19 case.

Welcome to Upper Milford Youth Association

UMYA is an organization that provides recreational sports and activities for girls and boys of all ages. UMYA prides itself on its philosophy and ideals of fair play for kids of any skill level.

Offering opportunities to active players from ages 5-19

From Basic abilities - Travel skills.

Leadership, Sportsmanship & Fair Play


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Upper Milford Parks & Recreation Scores Big!

Upper Milford completes it's finish touches on one of Jasper Park's newest additions, just in time for Soccer Season.

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